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TopShelf EDMS is a state of the art software solution which aggregates all information within the organization into a secure centralized data warehouse, granting access to specific people and teams, without risking the security of your documents. The system allows users to Share and Control Documents across all offices and departments of an organisation. It offers document digitalization/conversion, smart document shelves and powerful yet easy workflow systems.
// Topshelf EDMS

Topshelf EDMS can help organisations tackle some of the more redundant, mundane, and error-prone tasks of day-to-day operations. Using its robust features, employees work faster and more efficiently, especially when it gives them the ability to:

  • Eliminate printouts and manual processes
  • Gain instant access to relevant information and documents directly on mobile devices
  • Navigate and maintains the relationship between documents
  • Access accurate and complete documentation – regardless of source and format – in just a few clicks
  • Provide document version control and content management to prevent users from working on incorrect or outdated versions
  • Ensure users have access to complete, up-to-date documentation related to work orders or other business processes.
  • Maintain the quality, accuracy and completeness of data and metadata in a unified system 
Key features of the system:
    • Dashboard: Displays real time updates about each document that is uploaded, checked-in, checked-out, or modified and sends notifications and alerts for assigned tasks through email or SMS
    • Workflow Management: Automates the flow of documents within the organization Controls various versions for a document with option to revert to any previous version
    • Store, Index, And Search : Stores unlimited documents and folders in defined workflows for different user groups Facilitates specific search for files across folders or content within documents Indexes documents automatically and supports more than 100 document types
    • Access and Control: Maintains an audit trail of all documents Provides access to users across geographies through any device Assigns user quotas and tracks their actions on every document
    • Conversion of hardcopy documents into electronic versions
    • Security in storage and backup access control

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