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Topshelf ERP is a state-of-the-arts Enterprise Resource Planning Software comprising of various cutting edge modules, features and functionalities which will suit the needs of each department in your organization and provide actionable data which will help in decision making and allocation of resources. With TopShelf ERP, you can consolidate the efforts of your administration, further increase staff productivity, organization performance, and accountability. Some Topshelf modules include:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounts & Finance Module
  • Procurement & Asset Management
  • Project Management System
  • Help Desk and Office Support Module, among others.
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Why Topshelf ERP?

  1. Cost savings:Save your organization money in a number of ways. By automating many simple, repetitive tasks, you minimize errors and the need to add employees at the same rate as business growth. Cross-organization visibility makes it easier to spot inefficiencies that drive up costs and leads to better deployment of all resources, from labor to inventory to equipment.
  1. Workflow visibility:With all workflows and information in one place, employees with access to the system can see the status of projects and the performance of different business functions relevant to their jobs. This visibility may be particularly valuable to managers and leaders, and it’s far faster and easier than searching for the right documents and constantly asking colleagues for updates.
  1. Reporting/analytics:Data is useful only if organisations can analyze and understand it, and Topshelf ERP helps with that. It has impressive reporting and analytics tools that allow users to not only track KPIs, but display any metrics or comparisons they can dream up. Since Topshelf is all-encompassing, it can help your business understand how a change or problem with a process in one department affects the rest of the company.
  1. Business insights/intelligence:Because Topshelf can access data from across your organisation, it can uncover impactful trends and provide extensive business insights. This leads to better decision-making by organizational leaders who now have easy access to all relevant data.
  1. Risk management:Topshelf reduces risk in a few ways. Granular access control and defined approval workflows can strengthen financial controls and reduce fraud. The ability to see the status of the entire operation enables employees to quickly handle risks posed by business disruptions.
  1. Data security:We understand that your system houses critical, sensitive data and take necessary steps to ensure it is secure. This diligence is more important than ever as the volume and scale of cyberattacks increase. Topshelf uses cutting-edge security protocols to ensure your organisation doesn’t fall victim to a damaging attack.
  1. Collaboration:Employees are most effective when they work together. Topshelf makes it easy to share information—like purchase orders, contracts and customer-support records—among teams. It knocks down walls between departments by giving employees appropriate access todata on related business functions.
  1. Scalability:Topshelf is scalable and flexible enough to meet your organsation’s needs today and for the foreseeable future. It adapts to minor and major operational changes even as the amount of data the organization captures and demand for access increase.
  1. Flexibility:Topshelf helps businesses follow best practices and offers the flexibility to support unique processes and objectives. The system gives administrators the ability to build out company-specific workflows and create automatic reports important to different departments and executives. Topshelf enhances your organization’s innovation and creativity.

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