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    What is Topshelf

    Topshelf is an Enterprise Content Management System developed to ensure a great service delivery culture driven by information technolgy integration and business process automation, especially as technological advancements have placed as unprecedented level of awareness at the disposal of customers.

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    Reduce storage space and cost

    Scanning documents and integrating them into Topshelf greatly reduces the amount of prime storage space required by paper, allowing more space for staff.

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    Flexible indexing and retrieval

    Retrieving documents stored as hard copies, or on microfilm absorbs time. Topshelf stores documents centrally and these can be retrieved in a single click. Multiple users can access (but not edit) one document at the same time.

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    Disaster recovery

    We maintain an online back-up of all information stored on Topshelf. This is updated periodically and provides an affordable and easy way to back up documents for offsite storage and disaster recovery. There are no lost files.

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